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True Found Wellness & Heart Felt Touch ‘Heal From The Inside Out’

Jill Reece and Ginger Platsis like to say they touch lives from the inside out. Now they would like to touch more lives and attract new clients.

Reece, owner of True Found Wellness, and Platsis, owner of Heart Felt Touch, share office space in the DeHardit House off of Main Street. Reece’s True Found Wellness is a holistic wellness service that explores the client’s history, symptoms and health concerns to generate recommendations customized to meet their wellness goals.

With Heart Felt Touch, Platsis is a massage therapist, educator of infant massage, medical massage practitioner and compassionate touch practitioner. Their friendship dates back two years and they linked their businesses together in August 2014.

Reece and Platsis are hoping to expand their business and vying to be one of three prospective business owners selected from a pool of local entrepreneurs who will share a combined value of $95,000 in goods, services and start-up capital to launch a business on Main Street. The Launch Gloucester program is part of Gov. Terry McAuliffe’s Virginia Community Business Launch initiative and is locally overseen by Gloucester Main Street Preservation Trust and Gloucester Main Street Association.

Platsis said she and Reece have learned a lot in the short amount of time they have been involved in the Launch Gloucester program and its eight weeks of classes.

Platsis “jumped into” owning Heart Felt Touch after working as a massage therapist at the Riverside Walter Reed Hospital Wellness Center.

“I’ve got clients, I’m renting a room, I’ll make it happen,” Platsis said of her thinking before opening her own business. “We’re learning how to prepare beforehand to make it successful. The empowering thing was really learning how to do it successfully. We’re learning how to build a business in eight weeks.”

Reece came from a background in the health industry, specifically in nursing management. “I’ve always been making someone else’s dream come true with their money,” she said. “But I want to make my dream come true and impact the community.”

Platsis said she heard about the Launch Gloucester program through the Gloucester Main Street Association when she wanted to join the organization.

“Just the support we have felt through Launch Gloucester has been huge,” Reece said.

“We don’t feel we’re doing this alone,” Platsis said. “Their plan is to create success. It’s nice to have that net underneath us.”

Stephanie HTrue Found Wellness & Heart Felt Touch ‘Heal From The Inside Out’

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