Certificate in Retail Operations Now Available to All Gloucester Businesses


Retail Alliance’s educational arm, the Center for Retail Excellence, has partnered with Gloucester Main Street Preservation Trust to launch a Certificate in Retail Operations, available to all retailers in Gloucester and surrounding areas.

The Certificate offers training in seven key must-haves for operating a retail business, ranging from business planning and financial management, to merchandising and marketing. The program is taught partly online, for convenience and accessibility, and partly face-to-face, for networking, mentorship and support.

The Main Street Preservation Trust is also offering scholarships to their existing business owners who take the Certificate in Retail Operations program as a whole (seven classes offered throughout the year) as well as for those who wish to take individual classes.

The scholarships are on a first come, first reserved basis and can cover up to 50 percent of the costs. For those new entrepreneurs who take the entire curriculum and decide to move forward and open a business identified as a need on Main Street, scholarships will be available to them as well. For information on reserving a space for a scholarship, please call Executive Director, Jenny Crittenden at (804) 824-9614 or email to director@mspt.org.

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